Many Renters Underestimate the Value of Rental Insurance in Deltona, FL

Many renters underestimate the value and importance of rental insurance and overlook three important items that are covered.

Replacement Coverage

When looking for rental insurance in Deltona, FL, renters are often surprised to learn that rental insurance provides replacement coverage for items stolen from a vehicle. That’s right! Your auto insurance policy doesn’t cover items stolen from your vehicle. It doesn’t matter who owns the vehicle or where it was parked either. In fact, the rental policy provides replacement coverage for stolen items regardless of where the incident took place whether it was your apartment, car, hotel or anywhere else.

Liability Protection

Another important aspect that renters often overlook is liability protection in case someone gets hurt in the apartment they are renting. As a renter, you could be liable if someone gets hurt in your apartment, especially if your landlord doesn’t have adequate liability coverage in their homeowner insurance. So, if a friend slips or falls in your driveway or trips over a step at the front door and requires medical attention, you could be responsible for their medical bills. However, with a rental insurance policy a renter will have peace of mind knowing that their insurance policy will protect their liability up to the limits of the policy.

Accidential Damage

An accident can occur at any time often when you least suspect it that can result in damage to your apartment. Accidental damage to apartments from incidents like kitchen fires and a bathtub overflowing are not uncommon and can be extremely costly. And if your deposit isn’t enough to cover any consequential damages you will be responsible for paying the remainder out of your own pocket. But if you have rental insurance then the policy will reimburse the owner for accidental damage to the apartment except for limitations as disclosed in the policy.

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