Why Residents Living in an Apartment Complex in DeBary, FL Need Rental Insurance

Unfortunately, many apartment renters do not recognize the importance of rental insurance in DeBary, FL. Believing their property is not worth very much, that their landlord will be responsible for property damage costs or that it is too expensive, are common misconceptions.

Most renters do not realize the value of their belongings until they sit down and figure out what it would cost to replace everything if it were lost to a fire or burglary. It often costs more than many realize to replace everything that has been accumulated over a number of years. Losing them all at once without a rental insurance policy in DeBary, FL can be devastating. It's important to consider the value of all your belongings, not just the jewelry and electronic items. Between clothes, kitchen appliances, utensils and other household items, the average renter in a one bedroom apartment has accumulated more than twenty thousand dollars worth of property. Families with children often have property worth several times more. A renter’s insurance policy with replacement coverage from Cowart Insurance Agency will provide DeBary, FL renters with the funds they need to replace lost items due to a covered loss, up to the policy limits.

Many renters in DeBary, FL do not realize that a rental insurance policy also protects them from liability if someone should fall or get injured in their apartment and decides to sue them. For example, if a neighbor’s child gets hurt while playing with your child in your apartment he or she may decide to file a legal claim against you. This is especially important, because this is one of the most often unforeseen circumstances. Also, if you accidentally cause a kitchen fire, or if the bathtub accidentally overflows you could be held liable for the damage. A rental insurance policy will protect your liability and cover these and many other types of consequential damages, thus saving you a lot of money in the long-run.

A rental insurance policy in DeBary, FL is more affordable than you think. For more information about a rental insurance policy or a tenant liability insurance policy, contact us at (386) 740-0368 or visit us online for a free quote today!